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#Loss #Love and Remembering

Published August 24, 2013 by myagleny

When we lose someone, or something that holds great importance for us, it leaves a yawning gap in our lives.  But where exactly is this gap?  Newtonian physics would not be able to find it and actually show us the location of this empty space, and a Doctor would not be able to fill it or fix it with a bandage, although she might suggest the numbing qualities of another mind bender. The gap doesn’t exist in a material sense, but we feel it all the same.  It is like a bottomless pit that floats in and out of our awareness, lost in time somewhere, but the pain of its presence we feel right now.  Sometimes it is almost as if we can see into it – the gap, the pit – and the heartbreak is there is no light within. What can we do?

It seems we have to get bigger.  Much bigger.  We have to move beyond the ‘little me’ and begin to see a timeless, endless divinity that works ceaselessly and effortlessly.  The way out of suffering is to move out, in all directions and in all ways.  If we expand beyond the terrors of our mortality and inevitable losses, we begin to see the magic and motion of life playing out in everything we say and everything we do. Our lives become purposeful – not in worldly ways we have been taught hold the greatest value, like our ability to build empires and corporations – but in the subtle realms of love and compassion for all things.  It is here that our Truth unfolds.  Here is where our reason for living reveals itself.

Why do we have to feel pain?  Because we can. Through the pain in our life experiences, our true nature has the opportunity to show itself.  If we acknowledge our fears – the losses and the sorrows – and take from them the gifts that really are there if we put down our weapons and allow – Life/God/The Universe comes joyfully tumbling into everything, and it is as if our thoughts and words and deeds become charged with a gentle power, so great it creates new worlds in every moment.

When we forget our connection to all life, we feel small, isolated and alone.  We feel like victims – tiny, suffering and helpless.  This is not who we are – not really.  We have the power of choice in every moment, and when we choose to remember we are all things in all ways, our yawning, painful gaps fill in with love and kindness, and we are complete.

We are human, and it is inevitable that we will experience loss in life, but when we feel it, and feel it we will, we can also choose to be healed by remembering our connection to divinity, and invite in the greatest force in all the Universe…

Love.  Image


Stars, Space and a couple of Friends…

Published April 6, 2013 by myagleny

It’s 5.30am here in England.  I’ve been outside looking at the stars for the past hour.  I’ve seen two shooting stars, two aircraft, three bits of space junk and two…  Well, perhaps I’ll keep that to myself for the time being.

The night sky is something many of us never get to see.  Our cities glare so brightly into the night, they blot out the subtle beauty of the stars.  It is a great shame, because it is one of the joys of being human and having eyes to see.  Out there is evolution unfolding.  Tiny specs of matter held in the infinite web of eternal space.  Without the space there could be no matter –  one with the other – just like the atoms of which we are composed, we are all more space than anything else.  We are truly micro Universes, made of the stuff of stars.

Looking up at the night sky sure does offer a bigger perspective.  Little problems dwindle under its awesome presence.  It all looks so perfect and still up there, as if nothing moves, nothing happens – but this we know is far from the truth.  Everything is moving and changing endlessly – coming into and out of form.  Dramatic births and catastrophic deaths are what the timeless depths of space experience without end.  The cycles and spirals and contraction and expansion have always been and always will.  It serves us well to gaze into the all knowing eye of deep space. Out there are the answers to our human suffering.

We are so lonely down here on Planet Earth!  At least I feel lonely…  We are such tiny little beings, scratching around trying to survive.  Insignificant passing problems take on such importance for us, they are so necessary and so vital in the moment.  We cry and stamp our feet, and shout that it’s not fair! Sometimes we even attack our friends and neighbours because we believe our discomfort and feelings of lack are all their fault.We feel so small and helpless we never take responsibility for ourselves. Always we blame another.  While all around us the Universe looks on with infinite calmness and non-attachment.  If we should waste our individual lives in resentment, guilt and anger, it worries not.  If we should through our selfish greed and fearful hate, kill all life on this beautiful blue planet, the Universe will not be touched.  It has other worlds, other planets, other Edens like this one – the one we are too blind to see.  The one we fail to cherish.

Which reminds me…  While I was checking out the stars, the planes, the space junk and the rest, I saw something else.  Two something elses to be precise.  Both were little spots of light moving in the same direction from north to south.  What made me take special notice was that they appeared to be ‘powering up’.  By that I mean, they scooted along a bit, and then glowed really, really brightly, tripling in size, before fading out again.  They did this periodically as they moved across the sky.

In my world, they were definitely a couple of UFOs.  Lucky me!  🙂 Image