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When is #NOW a good time to start living?

Published July 27, 2013 by myagleny

If there’s one thing we can be damn sure of, it’s if we keep doing the same old things, we keep getting the same old things.

No good complaining life is monotonous and boring, if we don’t stick our necks out occasionally.  Easier said than done especially if we’re feeling tired and worn down, but then again perhaps that’s exactly the time when we should make the extra effort!  Monotony is renowned for bringing exhaustion in its wake… Too tired, too old, too bored.

What get’s us out of bed in the morning?  New stuff, that’s what. New things make us feel excited.  Children’s lives are full of excitement, because every day they find something new to be excited about.  As time passes (if we don’t keep our wits about us), we begin to get stuck.  We buy a house, we put our roots down, every day we make the same journey to work to do the same job with the same people, we come home again to the same routines… we turn on the telly, eat a sad and indigestible microwave meal, drink a bottle of wine and try to forget that this is all we have become.  We begin to settle.

Settle is what we expect others to do.  ‘At last he’s settled down!’ As if it were a good thing to no longer yearn for excitement and new experiences. ‘Settle’ is what water does when the flow begins to slow.  Sooner or later it stops altogether and the freshness goes, and then the water that was once full of light and sound and vitality, becomes stagnant.  It becomes poison.

This is what happens to us.

When we stop looking for new things, new experiences, new life, we start to atrophy.  Our life force begins to diminish because our disinterest in ‘what comes next’ proclaims to the universe we no longer have a desire to live. We begin to send out nothing but negativity…  Oh God, another day.

But not all follow the dead-end path.  I have two friends (they are twins) who are 77 years old.  I share this only because if you met them, you would never believe it.  I have never known anyone who has been anywhere on this planet they haven’t. Their entire lives have been spent living.  They never married and fell foul of convention. They’ve had no children – to their knowledge. They have always walked – or rather run – their own path, and it has been filled with fun, excitement, sadness, love, light and passion.  They tell me, they have no regrets – not one – because they have always done everything they felt the urge to do.  They say, when they die, they will be happy because they never wasted a single moment of the lives they’ve been given.

My journey has been very different.  I did get married.  I did buy a house.  I did travel the same route to work, and I did have children. I didn’t travel the world and taste its countless delights, I didn’t climb the heights a soul that knows it’s free can, I stayed at home instead… and ‘settled’.

But now, before it’s too late, I want something different from the convention and expectation I felt weighed so heavy.  Now my eyes and my heart are opening, and I can feel the flow inside of me.  I want to live.  I want to taste, and touch and smell and see and hear, and completely immerse myself in all good things this life is simply bursting to show me!

I see an door swinging open in front of me…  I think I will walk through – no!  I think I will run! 🙂


Bees, Measles and the right to Live

Published April 27, 2013 by myagleny

It’s hard not to be cynical.  Let’s face it, anyone with half a brain knows that pharmaceutical and chemical companies are not in the business of putting themselves out of business.  With billions of dollars in profits every year, why would they ever contemplate confirming that something bringing in the big bucks now could be dangerous in the long term. That kind of thinking isn’t going to pay dividends and keep the Board of Directors in designer suits.  Surely it’s not much of a quantum leap to imagine that at the end of the day, ‘they’ do not want a healthy world at all.

It seems it’s measles time again.  A disease that my generation coped with rather well – and survived.  To be honest it never seemed that much of a deal.   ‘Where’s Sarah today? ‘  ‘She’s at home with the measles’ ‘Oh.’   My own daughter caught it when she was 5 and sure enough she was pretty groggy for a day or two, it wasn’t pleasant and she was miserable, but within a week she was up and about same as usual – and she a cancer survivor.

A government adviser here in the UK is suggesting children in the private school system are a threat to children at large.  It seems their rebellious ‘middle class’ parents have not had them vaccinated.  He even suggests the schools in question should put pressure on these parents to jab their children.  It seems it’s all about the greater good.

Since these so-called ‘middle class’ parents have made a conscious, informed decision not to vaccinate their children, then that must be their choice.  At the moment, we still live in a free country…  don’t we?  To suggest that parents should be forced to contaminate their children’s bodies against their wishes seems one short step away from a paradigm shift towards global dictatorship.  God forbid we should find out in years to come that someone was taking backhanders from a pharmaceutical company.  Outrageous!  Such a thing would never happen…

It has also been suggested that vaccinations aren’t all they are cracked up to be anyway.  It seems their introduction coincided with a widespread understanding about personal hygiene – people started to wash their hands.  Many diseases were on the decline at this time simply because of this. If vaccinations are the holy grail and the answer to our human ills, one wonders how mankind has evolved so far without them.

No one wants to die – but guess what?  We all do.  Nothing and no one who has ever walked on this planet has dodged the inevitable.  It’s just a matter of time.

So while we are here, what shall we do with this life?  Shall we live it terrified at every turn, too scared to step out of the well established, profit creating, parameters laid down by authorities, governments and big business?  Shall we lie down and whimper in fear as something else gets forced upon us, because we do not know how to be responsible for ourselves and say ‘No’?

This week we are watching as our government plays environmental Russian roulette once again.  They are considering NOT banning pesticides that are scientifically proven to be devastating our bee populations.  Why would they do that?  Once again, a government adviser is saying that it would be a disaster to ban them. He says it would impact severely on crop production.  He seems to be blind to anything else.  One could say he was extraordinarily focused on the continued sale and use of these products.  God forbid in years to come someone might be found to have been receiving backhanders from a chemical giant.  Outrageous!  Such a thing would never happen…

Are you fed up with being told what to think and what to do?  I am.  The only person who knows me, is me.  I am tired of being frightened into thinking my body has something wrong with it.  How dare they invade my home and my mind with their poison.  They would say it was helpful –  they would say they are talking about prevention – but they are not. They are spinning a web of fear that paralyses, and ensures profits and control stay exactly where they are – with the tiny proportion of the population that controls over 90% of the global wealth.

There are good people out there, of course there are – good, kind and well meaning people who are doing their very best with what they have and what they know.  But is it always for the best? One size, one pesticide and one vaccination doesn’t fit all.  In the end we have to take responsibility for ourselves.  Each one of us lives and dies here on planet earth, and whether we like it or not, we are always by ourselves.  Fundamentally we are alone.  Running away from ourselves means a life of suffering.  We have to come face to face with that reality sooner or later.  In the end it is how we live this life between birth and death that really matters – how do we want to leave this Earth?  A healthy place, a happy place, a thriving place?  Or one that is consumed by lies built on nothing more than profits and losses…

We all die… but before we go, do we all live?