Turning the Tables

Everything we have around us in our homes and workplaces reminds us of something in our past.  Everything holds a memory, an energy and a vibration, and when we see it, whether we are conscious of it or not, it triggers us.  Imagine turning over a page to unexpectedly see a photograph of yourself as a child.  All of a sudden you are back there…  You feel the textures, hear the sounds and see the place where you were with a part of you that never forgets – anything.  We are tied to the past because every second of it has been the structure of our life experience, and whatever we do, we cannot be free of it.  But we can limit it’s hold over us.

Unless we are constantly changing the entire contents of our homes, they are rammed full of the past.  As I sit here I know the table before me was a gift from a friend 30 years ago, given when I found myself alone with no money to buy furniture.  As I think of it, my mind sets off on a journey of everything else that was happening back then, and I feel a twinge of guilt and anxiety.  This isn’t NOW in any sense!  This is something that happened decades ago, but still my body is triggered by the sight of this table and the story it tells. To anyone else, it is just a table…

Right now this has been a conscious thought that I can square with, but the weird thing is, this table will sub-consciously trigger me every time I see it.  A tiny tremor of guilt and anxiety will travel through my body as I dust it off or sit beside it.  These are not good feelings to reinforce.  They remind me that I am not good enough, that I cannot support myself well enough, and that I am stuck.

I have now brought consciousness to this, and that changes it straight away.  I should now be so conscious of my process, that before the table and it’s memories can trigger me, I will be aware.  This table can no longer have so much power over me…

The more conscious and present we can be, the easier our lives become.  When we are aware in the moment, we notice our reactions and can let them go, constantly releasing the past.  We can move beyond the reactive human and into conscious awareness.  This is evolution in action.

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