#Light and #Water and #Conscious #Creation


It is pure magic to see what happens when two of the things we simply cannot live without, join forces. #Light and #Water together create the colours and crystal energy of Life itself, and I for one can watch cheerful streams tumbling over rocks bathed in sunlight, all day long…  How lucky we are to see such things!  To have the technology to freeze frame a moment in time which has never before been seen; which has never before come together in such a way – and never will again…  But here it is, in all its vibrancy.  Perfect and mind blowing.  What can you see in the shapes and forms? Like gazing into a crystal ball, all life is there for the seeing, if we just open our minds to the possibility of knowing what we already know.

Dr #Masaru #Emoto has scientifically proven that consciousness affects the molecular structure of water.  What you are thinking and intending changes the energy and the shape of the crystals that form at freezing point.  His research is widely available to explore, and for me, seeing what happens when positive thoughts are directed to water, and alternatively what happens with negative thoughts, has been the ‘Aha!’ moment that I, and so many others, have been seeking in this world today.

What are we?  For a start we are composed of at least 60% water – babies far more than that.  Taking Dr Emoto’s research into account, imagine how the water in our bodies is changed by our thinking…  Toxic thoughts make us toxic beings – negative, destructive and of little use to the wellbeing of ourselves and the Earth.  Positive thoughts, directed with good intent and energy, changes everything for the better.  Never under-estimate the power of blessing your food and water – and indeed yourself and others.  Just a second or two imagining how truly wonderful things are, enhances the molecular structure of all.  Everything becomes brighter, more vibrant and energetic.  Everything becomes… more than what it once was.

Water is FULL of Life energy.  It is our emotions.  Our language is full of references to water…  It is our way of telling it how it is.  Floods of tears, drowning in sorrow, awash with confusion.  We are floating and full to the brim as the stories of our lives come gushing out.

Our waking consciousness can change our environment.  With awareness of our thoughts, our circumstances will change too.  Light and Water can show us our way – all we have to do is stay awake long enough to see the transformation materialise.

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