Am I a rock?

Today’s daily prompt from WordPress asks the question… ‘Am I a rock?’

Synchronistically, on this very day, I have attended the first session of a course for supporting Carers.  What is the connection between rocks and carers you might ask?  Well, a carer has to be a human rock of course.  They have to remain stalwart in a crisis, and just like a rock, stay anchored emotionally and physically to the environment in which they find themselves.  After all, you can’t have a nervous breakdown when the person you are caring for is also having a nervous breakdown.  You can’t go running off whenever you feel like it if the person you are caring for cannot cope with your absence for even 5 minutes.

I am a Carer, so am I a rock?  As always, the answer is down to interpretation, and  I am sure some of those nearest and dearest to me would say that on a good day I can be, while equally others would say “Are you kidding me?”

If a rock means someone you can rely on, who holds the fort, stays the same no matter what, never gets flustered or spun off, literally acts like rock in a stormy sea and survives whatever Mother Nature can throw at her, then surely that person must be superhuman or dead.   I am neither of these things… yet.  I am just a person, and as such likely to get caught out from time to time by some outrageous slings and arrows raining down from on high.

It seems to me, to be even a half effective rock, the key is to be mindful and aware of your place in space.  Try not to go wandering off in a mind-soup of thoughts of ‘if only’ and ‘it’s not fair’ and ‘why did this happen to me?’  Rocks don’t do this.  Rocks are fully present – they know where they are.  It is good medicine to ‘be like the rock’.  It’s a strength that is always present and we can call on it whenever the need arises – if we just remember.

Rocks crumble in the end, but it is usually a slow process, dignified and invisible …  Until then, the rock is refuge and stability in difficult times.  Never knock the rock.

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