Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears
On most days something will happen to bring tears to my eyes… It might be a piece of music or the clouds drifting peacefully at sunset, or the faces of my grandchildren when they see me. Usually the tears are ‘good’ones and fall easily because of beauty or grace. But sometimes – as just now – they are acid tears. They hurt and sting my eyes and refuse to flow, burning as they form – hot and unforgiving. It is as if they want to cause to my skin the pain I’m feeling in my heart.
I am SO disappointed… disappointed and frustrated. I am angry and bitter and wanting to rip out my chest. I want to shake those I love, and tell them to leave me the hell alone because I can’t prop them up anymore. I can’t do this daily grind anymore! I am sick and tired of being strong and wise and expected to keep it all together. Nothing I try ever works, money eludes me whatever I do, and I hate the voice in my head that tells me life is hopeless and that I am fooling myself.
These are not ‘good’ tears. These tears are from the deepest recesses of my heart – and they hurt.

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