Butt out.

When woken to the fact that most of the day is spent interfering in other people’s business, telling them what to do and how to do it, it’s quite a shock to to realise how little time is left to spend in one’s own. Nearly every thought involves a wish that someone else would do something differently. Do it this way – do it that way – do it anyway as long as it’s my way… Think like I think and believe what I believe…

Enmeshed and entangled in the lives of others, there is precious little time to get on and live one’s own.  Our lives, quite literally, pass us by while we keep our focus elsewhere.

I’m changing that.  I’m catching my thoughts and wrestling them to the ground.  I will not spend another day resisting what is, with how much I want it altered. What a waste of time! For one thing, it’s none of my business what others do.  As long as it has no direct impact on me (in other words as long as that lorry isn’t about to reverse into my car) I must surely let everyone else get on with it.

But human nature is rife with judgments. We love to have our say. We become so holier than thou with our rights and wrongs and dos and don’ts.  We consider ourselves knowledgeable and wise, and cannot wait to tell everyone else all about it.  It makes us feel so much better to know more than another.  We can puff ourselves up with personal importance and bask in our superiority.  It is hard work to maintain such a lofty position mind you, but we have to do it anyway because we know someone else could walk around the corner any minute and know more than we do, and then our world would come crashing down because we have built it on nothing more than ego and the judgments we inherited from others and made our own.

Can you imagine a world where everyone simply allowed others to make their own mistakes?  Where they stayed out of their business, and no one crowed because someone else had stumbled…  A world where all achieved so much more with their own lives because they lived them fully, growing in confidence because of their own discoveries.

While people keep telling other people what to do and how to do it, there can be no freedom or autonomy.  While we keep pointing the finger of blame and judgment, while we keep interfering and entangling, we will never be free.

What were my mistakes, might turn out to be the seeds of your victories – I can never know. Image




One thought on “Butt out.

  1. Love it Mya, the trouble is what we all share apart from a belly button,is an opinion…… on everything, and just like the other ‘button’our opinions usually are of no use to anyone else other than us. Then there is perception, how each of us perceives a situation is what leads to the opinion and onto judgement all driven by our egos’. So what a great idea, ‘my your own darn business’ is a grand mantra, if not such a spiritual one. Oh, gotta laugh, eh!!

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