Margaret Thatcher

So, Margaret Thatcher has made her transition…  Here is what I wrote on my facebook page a couple of minutes ago..

“Well you know Old Father Time takes us all in the end! How we lived out our lives was always down to us, our choices, our decisions, our perceptions and finally our legacy… and she was no different. Like all of us she had her individual story, her beliefs, her patterning, her truths – some of which she had imposed on her as she grew up, and others she collected and owned along the way. Was she a loving, caring person in private life? We cannot know, only her surviving children can know the truth of that. Perhaps she did her best – people usually do – perhaps there were things she regretted – we cannot know. Perhaps her drivers – her triggers – were things we cannot identify with, and perhaps she felt she had to take on and fight the whole world. History will change her story no doubt, transform it, mutate it, iron out some parts and accentuate others so that in the end, know one living will know. For me, I will always wonder how a person (and a mother) makes a decision to send young men into conflict… To have your hand upon the mechanism that will undoubtedly cause the death of another must surely test the sanity of the soundest mind. It is far beyond my understanding.”


2 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher

  1. Indeed Mya, it is so easy to make our judgements of each other and for those occupying a high profile role even easier I would think. Far easiere to accept what is and move on, but that I am sure is just an age thing for me. She also had her contract before her incarnation, I wonder if it was fulfilled, as you say, there is much we will never know. I hope her transition will be a smooth one and she can now be at peace.

  2. Such intensity of emotion out there tonight! Wow! – she must be chuckling while she’s plucking her harp at the extent of the media coverage! No such thing as bad publicity eh Maggie?! 🙂

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