Smile Please!

I love my photography.  I never go anywhere without my cameras – I have two, one for each pocket.  They are just snapshot cameras, great for days out and whatnot, but after all these years of taking amateur pictures – some of which are not too bad – I would really, really love to upgrade to something a little more… how shall I put it… sexy!

Herein lies the eternal problem for those of us not so well off.  As always, it boils down to cold, hard cash – actually it doesn’t – but bear with me…  I’ve just been having a browse through some fairly decent cameras.  The Nikon D600 looks quite good. Nice camera, good reviews, would definitely do the job and be the up-grade I’m looking for.  With this camera I could enlarge my pictures with clarity – I would be almost professional!

However…  at nearly £2,000 for the camera and lens, it turns out it would cost me more than my car.  It’s frustrating to want to be better at something, but unable to just because there aren’t enough naughts in my bank account.  Money doesn’t even exist in the way it used to.  No one gets paid anymore.  They just view naughts on line. There are either enough naughts or not enough naughts.  The naughts tell you if you can pay the bills – and buy cameras – or not. It’s nuts.

I don’t even begin to understand the way the economy works, the only bit that sparked a glimmer of interest was when someone told me it’s all about gold.  They said there’s mountains of the stuff buried in vaults all over the world – even under the Vatican.  I liked the sound of that.  That inspired me.  It also made me laugh.  So all this gold gets dug up out of the ground, melted down into chocolate bars, and then buried somewhere else by a bunch of greedy, money grabbing government squirrels. Seems a shame they can’t share their stash with everyone so we can all buy cameras.

Apparently the same thing is happening with diamonds.  The world is running out they say.  The mines are drying up.  Soon there won’t be any diamonds.  What does this news do to folks?  It makes them want diamonds of course (because we always want what we can’t have), and as a result (supply and demand) they are becoming very, very expensive, and those with access to the aforementioned stash, are buying them all up.  Then what will they do with them I wonder?  Hmmm…  Well, some may wear them, but most will probably bury them again – underground, in vaults, back in the earth.

I love human beings, we are so obtuse.

However, none of this helps with my camera issue.  I am still two grand short, and even if I explain to the relevant parties that all they need to do is type three naughts into their system – actually two naughts, I’ve got twenty quid towards it – I doubt they would see it my way.  

I will just have to come up with another plan… 




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