Cash under the Bed

My ex-husband used to keep money under the bed.  He would shove bundles of notes under the mattress at the end of each working day, and occasionally even pay some of it into the bank.  He earned a lot of cash.  It was the nature of his business. The Inland Revenue never got the full […]

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Bees, Measles and the right to Live

It’s hard not to be cynical.  Let’s face it, anyone with half a brain knows that pharmaceutical and chemical companies are not in the business of putting themselves out of business.  With billions of dollars in profits every year, why would they ever contemplate confirming that something bringing in the big bucks now could be […]

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And so to bed

Starting with a migraine aura on Tuesday (such pretty, vibrant, twirling colours before my eyes!) and having, once again, been clobbered by a ‘virus’ in the last 24 hours, I find myself back in bed. I don’t mind – well, I do, but I also know how to make the best of it.  I can […]

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Missing out

Went into the bank this week to pay a bill… Couldn’t do it on line, because I don’t have a gizmo known as a ‘card reader’.  As I waited in the queue for Information, a young lady came over and asked if she could help.  I explained what I wanted, and she beckoned me to […]

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Lessons for Life

What soul expansion can be triggered by the words and actions of a little child!  If you love them already the learning experience is all the deeper, all the stronger, all the more profound.  It is the kind of thing that splits the heart open with a crack like thunder. You have no choice but […]

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Butt out.

When woken to the fact that most of the day is spent interfering in other people’s business, telling them what to do and how to do it, it’s quite a shock to to realise how little time is left to spend in one’s own. Nearly every thought involves a wish that someone else would do […]

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Margaret Thatcher

So, Margaret Thatcher has made her transition…  Here is what I wrote on my facebook page a couple of minutes ago.. “Well you know Old Father Time takes us all in the end! How we lived out our lives was always down to us, our choices, our decisions, our perceptions and finally our legacy… and […]

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