Another newbie hits the website…!

I’m new… so very new… and as always when I stick my toe in the water for the first time, it seems a little chilly.  It will take me a day or two, but I will get my head around WordPress – after all, I am a writer! 🙂

I have a website, and on on there you will find many photographs of the things I love.  There are many many blogs too, some of which I would like to share on this site.

Making connections is what it’s all about, and that is my intention on here.  If you should find me before I find you, please say ‘hello’, I would love to meet you!  I’m on facebook too… Mya Gleny (stormmoonmya).

Now then…  what happens if I click on this…Image

One thought on “Another newbie hits the website…!

  1. Newbie…who cares. Great shot. I have a favorite chair at my favorite beach club/bar where I take a shot or two, or a series every evening. The locals who know I live here ask me why I’m taking photos of something that happens every night…if they don’t get it, they need to see more blog sites like yours. There’s nothing old about the magic of a sunset.
    On my Way….

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