An Uncomfortable Truth…

Earlier today I was sharing some heart-felt honesty with a kindly neighbour, when mid-way through the conversation, this normally polite and charming older lady interrupts me with a raised hand and says… ‘For God’s sake get a grip and stop being so chicken hearted!’ Ouch!  I was nearly poleaxed. That really hurt! But then the […]

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Autistic and Awesome

My beautiful daughter is Autistic.  This means she has difficulty with many aspects of day to day life, and in particular communication.  Autistic people often find the way the rest of us live our lives to be nothing short of ridiculous.  We tell lies for instance.  We say one thing, but really mean another.  We […]

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Dreams and Flying

Yesterday I took the dogs and walked up to the top of the hill behind my house.  I can see for miles up there, and in days when life has got me down and I need to look at the bigger perspective, it’s a good place to start. A very old byway runs along the […]

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